Toilet Training Puppy

Toilet Training a GSD Puppy

Toilet training your puppy

Each puppy will be different, however when toilet training your puppy it's a good idea to take them out after they have had a nap, or a play, or after they have eaten. You must stay with them and praise them when they have been clean. If you just leave the door open they do not know you have left it open for them to go out and relive themselves. Go with them and encourage them gently.

Patience at this time is needed, puppies wander around outside and get easily distracted and will forget what you want them to do. But it doesn't take long before they understand what they've gone out for. A week or two of concentrated attention on your part and the puppy will be giving you a sign to ask when it wants to go out.

It can take a little longer to get into a night-time routine with your puppy, and you should try and make sure your puppy is somewhere with a washable floor. Nowadays some people have a portable dog cage in the kitchen or bedroom. This can have save a lot of trouble later on when the puppy is teething, when they may feel like chewing on things you do not want them to. One thing you should not do is to hit your puppy when they have an accident or rub their nose in it. Your tone of voice or a simple 'no' spoken sharply is all you need at this age. Learning should be fun with plenty of encouragement.