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Typical Lindanvale bitch puppies at 6 months

Lindanvale Puppy

Typical Lindanvale bitch puppies at 6 months

Getting your puppy home

When you get your puppy home there are a few basic rules to follow.

Ensure your puppy has their own safe and dry place to sleep. A cardboard box, plastic bed or crate with vet bedding or an old jumper or blanket should be fine - however make sure there are no loose or small items they can eat or swallow. Use your common sense, puppies will be inquisitive and will want to investigate their new surroundings. Therefore, like with children, make sure there is nothing left lying around they can reach that could harm them if eaten or if they decide to tear it up. Your local pet shop or vet may be able to offer you advice.

Think about how you want your puppy to behave as it grows up. If you don't want them to go on the bed or furniture as an adult, don't allow them go on while they are a puppy. In trying to teach your puppy this, be gentle. Don't hit your puppy, encourage them instead with praise for good behaviour.

Allow your puppy several days to feel at home. During this time it is important to give them lots of attention, praise and encouragement. They have had a big change and it will take them a little while to feel this is their new home.