Buying a Puppy

Buying A Puppy

Buying a GSD puppy

Before buying any puppy, first think carefully through your decision. Think about how having a puppy will impact on your life, and as your puppy grows up (and grows bigger) about the space you will need and the time and attention you are able to give to it. Caring for any pet involves time and often it will involve money over many years for things like food, vaccinations, insurance, boarding fees when you go on holiday, etc.

Ask yourself and your partner/family whether you will be able to cope with the three to four feeds a day your puppy is likely to need. Whether you are able to give time and attention to the puppy, and whether having a dog fits into your lifestyle not just for now, but for your future plans. This is a long term commitment, so thinking through your decision carefully at the start is worthwhile for you and your puppy.

> Choosing a male or female puppy
> Finding out more about the breed
> Getting your puppy home
> Toilet training your puppy
> Hip scoring